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"The Care of souls is the art of arts." St. Gregory, 530 AD

About Olive

Selecting a spiritual director

'Listening with the ear of the heart' is descriptive of my personal work.

The first time I heard of Spiritual Direction I thought it was only for Catholics.  A few years later, I was having monthly sacred and illuminating sessions with a Sister of Loretto, a nun.  Our relationship spanned ten years and navigated me through some rough terrain.  Her insight, presence and questions helped as I claimed my spirituality. 

Today, spiritual directors come from various backgrounds, traditions and experiences.  We aren’t limited to one color, strip or fabric.  Know that you will find the person you are looking for without even knowing it.  The universe will provide you the spiritual teacher you need at the time you need.

My style of spiritual direction is about being truthful with the hard questions, loving and kind in the broken places, fun and creative in claiming new wholeness, attentive and holistic in approach. I am a seasoned in the school of life, experienced in formal spiritual settings and trained in several schools.  I draw from a vast and colorful spiritual landscape.  Being in the natural world is a constant source of renewal.  I am at home in the Cathedral of mountains and nature as I am in the National Cathedral in Washington DC  as I am in the Cathedral of my heart.  My journey isn’t just mine, it belongs to larger world.  Diversity, inclusivity and equity are important in my practice.  

Innovative & Colorful Spiritual Direction

Formation & Education

Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton NJ, http:ptsem.edu

Iliff School of Theology, Denver CO, Doctor of Ministry, www.iliff.edu

Colorado School for Family Therapy, Certificate in Art and Play Therapy, Aurora CO, http://www.familyplaytherapy.net/

Courses at Benet Hill Monastery, Colorado Springs, https://www.benethillmonastery.org



Spiritual Directors International is a professional organization for spiritual directors of all faiths.  It is also where seekers can search for a list of spiritual directors in their area.  SDI has events, retreats, speakers and blogs.  It’s mission is to support people in spiritual companionship and deep listening.


Spiritual Direction Colorado’s vision is to offer spiritual guidance where it permeates people’s lives, faith communities and human organizations, transforming life for all especially for the most vulnerable.

The United Church of Christ provides advocates for justice, a supportive environment for embracing your spirituality, and excellent worship resources.

The United Church of Christ Mental Health Network works to reduce stigma and promote the inclusion of people with mental illnesses/brain disorders and their families in the life, leadership and work of congregations. 



This book was the result of my doctoral program and study of the practice of ministry.  It focuses on the presence of LGBTQI people in local and national preaching.  Long excluded from traditional places of spiritual practice, I sought to create understanding and space for inclusion.  It was published in 2007.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a session?

Sessions are scheduled for 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Are there other formats for meeting besides in person?

Yes, I am available to Skype, FaceTime, talk or the phone or email.

What about payment?

Payment is $60 an hour and is due at time of service either by check or cash. Paypal and other electronic means are coming soon.

Are the other locations for a session?

My work is out of my home office, but I am adding two other locations soon.  One in Cherry Creek neighborhood and one near Denver University.