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I was browsing my bookcases the other day looking for something when I came across this book: Wellsprings: A Book of Spiritual Exercises.  It’s a book I used a long time ago when I was first starting to deepen my spiritual life.  The author writes short meditations on topics ranging from Reality, Restoration, Love, Life and so forth.  No more than a page or so of direct conversational writing that leads the reader along.  They may not seem like much at first, but, he writes, ‘they are a gateway to enlightenment when done.’  And who doesn’t want to be enlightened, at least a little?

If you have ever started an exercise program, you know it starts out kind of slow, and not seeing results at first, you keep trying.  Then one day you notice your exercising is making a difference in your body and therefore your life.  It’s giving you more energy or stamina for the day.  It’s toning your body.  When you keep at it, making exercise a daily habit, then it doesn’t seem so hard, and results keep building.

Our culture is so focused on exercising the body and staying fit.  Slowly, I’ve seen more interest in the spiritual life.  People seem to be open to exploring their spiritual side and learning more about how this practice brings wholeness and health in life.  

Ask yourself, do you head out into the world filled with love, aware of others, feeling connected to every living creature?  Do you feel in harmony with the mountains and sky, with nature’s seasons and the season’s of your life?  What is there for you in times of discouragement?

Is prayer a part of your day, even some time in silence to listen for God?  Spiritually exercising increases our grace-filled moments.  We become more in tune with the Spirit of life that lives and moves and sustains us.  That spirit is as close to us as our very breath.  Find your spiritual guide or trainer, be that a group, a book or a spiritual director to encourage spiritual exercises.  This book is one example.  There are many others.  Give me a call and we can talk about what your are looking for.  Oh, send me your thoughts too!

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